Nekole speaks on Oxytocin and the power of connecting to the core of ourselves.


Have you ever sat in a class and not really heard a word the teacher said?  Have you ever had someone yell information at you and insinuate that you are not intelligent because you are not taking in the brilliance they are expounding?  I have.


Have you ever sat daydreaming and all of us a sudden something you read before pops in your head and some aspect of the universe now makes perfect sense to you?  Have you ever been asked a simple question that opened your brain to an entirely new understanding of the world?  I have.


This is the teaching style I strive for.  I love to learn; I have loved to learn my entire life.  I am thankful to say, that my zest for learning has never been smothered.  If anything, the choices I have made in my life have often led me down paths where more and more learning continues to be available to me.


I have also sat at the feet of some of the most phenomenal teachers in this world.  I had gurus who taught to the world.  I attended a world-class university.  My mother helped bring about a revolution; her primary vehicle was education.


I am a student and have been the student of great teachers.  What I see is this.  One of the most powerful methods of learning comes through shared experience.  Human beings are more apt to take in information when we feel connected.  One of the most powerful ways I know to connect is by sharing myself with you.  From there, you can choose if you want to share yourself with me.


Another thing I have learned is when we share about our lives with each other, we get to listen and absorb whatever wisdom may be there for us.  By sharing my experience of life with you, I show you what it is like to be living as me.  If there is anything about what I share that is attractive to you, you may bring it closer to you and incorporate it into your life.  Likewise if I say something that sounds horrendous to you, hearing about my experience may help you make better choices than I did.  I share with you so you may learn from me and I learn from you when you share with me.


Lastly, in this method of learning, we all get to be human.  There is no false hierarchy where the teacher is all-knowing and the student is lost.  When I teach purely through being me, you get to see my frailty and hopefully learn to accept your own frailties as well.  You get to see my triumphs and hopefully celebrate your own with a bit more pizzazz.  And if you share with me too, we get to bask in life’s myriad of colors together.

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