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There is a population of us who have worked our way out of an existence of purely surviving. Some even say we are thriving. 

We know the pain of living, wondering when the next panic may flare. Is it ever really safe to let our guard down. We may even feel pride in it. In truth, living without the panic feels seductively delicious and frightfully disconcerting all at the same time. We live in a state of constantly enculturating to a new way of being.

As we more firmly plant ourselves into this new life, we find a craving to pull more from that old place we found so torturous. Wouldn't others enjoy this new found peace and joy as delicious as we do? Truly, we are like kids with a new toy we want to share with our friends. 

"But how?" We wonder. The road has been so complex and so individual. How do we bring more people to the party? Do they even want to come? Perhaps they will find us presumptuous, insulting, selfserving to even reach out an inviting hand. Perhaps they will grab our hands and pull us back to the very place we have fought so hard to pull ourselves from. Perhaps.

But to do nothing, does it not feel a bit of a waste? Why find peace if not in part to share it. Why find joy, if not in part to exchange knowing smiles with others? Truly, my heart longs for it.

So we reach out our hands and try to firmly plant our feet into the ground. Sometimes we falter. Our fingers recoil. Our heels pull from the earth. We return within to remind ourselves of our strength. The flesh of our feet reunites with land. Our palms find light again. And we wonder, "Who will come and when?"

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Community.Relationship.Intimacy.Sex.Birth and so much more. Do you know how to find yourself and the space between you and another? Nekole can help you find your way. One small warning....Nekole has been known to change lives!