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Ultimately, I support Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) because I believe it is a fundamental human right for a woman to choose the circumstances of her birth. HRiC is the only organization I know that actively works for the representation of this right to be recognized and respected throughout the world.
I support HRiC because I believe it is a disservice to families to limit birthing options. Every woman has a multitude of reasons informing her birthing desires. Perhaps she is an incest survivor who is terrified to have a baby pass through the site of her greatest trauma and wants a scheduled C-Section. Perhaps she is a woman of color whose family has experienced enough institutional racism that she has no faith in the medical establishment and wants to birth at home. Perhaps she is frightened and alone and wants to be where there are people. Perhaps women in her family have been attending births for generations and she wants them to attend hers too. There are an infinite number of permutations, and I do not believe an outside entity could possibly craft language to be inclusive of all the factors for all women. If at any point you try to limit a woman’s birthing options, there is an increased possibility that she will go without support not because that is her deepest desire, but because her true desire is somehow illegal for her or for the people willing to provide it for her. Our safest and most inclusive option is to recognize that the woman is ultimately the most affected by her choices and thus should be provided the greatest agency over her choices. I support HRiC because I support options.


I support HRiC because I believe a woman’s body is hers, that her mental health rests in the hands of her sexual agency and that her family’s well being rests in her health and wellbeing.  The numbers are unacceptably high on violence against women. By some estimates 70% of women experience violence in their lifetime. Sexual violence is one of the most affecting forms of violence inflicted on women.  Some estimates suggest 1 in 5 women will experience rape or an attempted rape in their lifetime. Birth is a pinnacle sexual experience for women and thus the experience can easily bring up traumas of the past. A woman’s birthing experience can either allow her to reclaim her sexuality or exacerbate her trauma. Much of what will determine this is her own sense of sovereignty, as she inhabits her unique heightened sexual state of labor and birth. A traumatized mother will have less of her awareness available to care for her child. A family with a traumatized mother attempting to care for her child will more likely be in turmoil. Sadly, for some this turmoil could be too much for the fibers of the family to hold together. I support HRiC because I support women and families.


I support the organization of HRiC because I do believe that the people who are a part of this organization wake up every morning pondering how they can support women to birth their babies in a way that is most healthful for them and their families. I support the organization of HRiC because they represent a network of incredible minds focused on work that needs to be done for us now and for generations to come. I support the organization of HRiC because I believe in them and what they are doing. I think you should support them to.

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