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Almost Indescribable

Nekole is the author of 5 books on the topic of Holistic Peer Counseling. She is a second-generation grassroots organizer and educator. She is a 9/11 survivor who has been actively and successfully recovering from PTSD since 2002. Involved in the performing arts since the age of 4, educated at Columbia University in pre-medical and cultural studies and trained by her mother in body and birth work since she was a child, Nekole has massaged her skills, perspective and experiences into body and community based healing structures that are "almost indescribable". Having been raised on a spiritual path of the Sannyas, Nekole finds some of her greatest personal growth translating the practices handed to her into the experience of deepening the 20+ year relationship she has with her husband and through consciously parenting two powerhouse daughters.

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Want Nekole to yourself?

  • $150-300
  • 60-120 mins in person or remote

Want to join her community?

  • Starts @ $197
  • www.HolisticPeerCounseling.com

If you want to take your recovery one step further and/or learn to support others on their road to recovery, you want to work with Nekole.

"I don't know how to explain what Nekole does. All I can say is everything she does is golden."

Nekole works with parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity.

Warning..... Nekole has been known to change lives!

Nekole Shapiro combines an intimate understanding of the body with an education in the sciences to bring forth some of the most definitive and revolutionary information in the field of birth today. Participants in The Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series and Body Series cited her sessions as one of the most accessible and compelling in the curriculum. Soak her in-- it is a life-changing experience!

Sheila Kamara-Hay, Founder, Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit - www.ecstatic-birth.com

I am an Educator

Come learn amazing things!

There is a secret that Nekole not only KNOWS, but has been tapping people into for decades!  

The secret is that YOU are your own best source of healing and empowerment. 

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Yes, connect with her, I am so happy I did. The best money I have spent EVER has been on her classes because she helped me see MY greatness and not hers.

Mother, Birthworker, Activist

Holistic Peer Counseling (HPC) | Having the Tough Conversations: Using HPC and Embodiment to build Community

Kids Without Sexual Shame | Sex, Intimacy and Relationship | Increasing Intimacy: Intro to TantraConscious Relationships | Clitoral Revelations | Vulvic Explorations  

Birth Embodiment | Oxytocin | Sexuality and Birth 

I am a Doula

I am there for you.

DoulaBirthMy model of birth support aims to empower the family unit through holistic embodiment practices and intimacy building exercises.  I utilize techniques that engage your body, mind and spirit while supporting your family's birth preparation, experience and beyond.  Like labor and birth, it is fun, hard, and fulfilling work with an outcome more powerful than you can imagine!

Many clients choose to take my classes.  This integrates them into a larger community and supports their experience of becoming and being parents.

I am not only a birth doula.  As a doula, I usher you to yourself.  Many have found working with me to help them recover pieces of themselves they feel they have lost along the way.


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My partner and I had an amazing experience with Nekole Shapiro both in preparing for giving birth and as our doula while I was in labor. If I could do any thing over again, it would be to have hired her on sooner.

Audrey McManus, Babeland Education Coordinator

Pre & Post Birth Sessions

  • $300
  • 120 mins in person or remote

At your birth

  • $1000
  • doula in person

Unsatisfied with her unmedicated hospital birth experience,  Nekole embarked on an active journey to take her experience further her second time around. Ultimately, it was a deepening of her sexuality that brought her to that place she knew only birth could take her to.

***Her husband teases her that she just wants another child because she wants to take it even further.***

If you are interested in exploring how birth as a sexual event can help you have a more empowered birth experience, then you want to work with Nekole!

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My experience with Nekole was almost indescribable.

Jill Pollard, mama of 2

The Mind of Nekole

  “Hey…have some decency would ya!? At least tie a ribbon around that thing.” These words came from a gregarious elder man standing behind my 8-year-old daughter and me as we were waiting in the port-a-potty line at the end […]

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Ultimately, I support Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) because I believe it is a fundamental human right for a woman to choose the circumstances of her birth. HRiC is the only organization I know that actively works for the representation […]

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It took me nearly a year and multiple drafts before I could confidently describe my second birth experience.  I think this is because it is difficult to contain such an expansive experience in words.  I do however need to share […]

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  I blamed my mother. Didn’t you? Do you still? It is so handy isn’t it? And people seem so happy to support us in our choice to blame our mothers don’t they? If life is hard, it must be […]

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  A colleague of mine from the birth world posted a blog yesterday written by a Mom upset by the actions of her doula. She felt the doula overstepped into medical advice that led her astray and ultimately placed her […]

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  There is a population of us who have worked our way out of an existence of purely surviving. Some even say we are thriving.  We know the pain of living, wondering when the next panic may flare. Is it […]

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Several friends of mine have written blogs recently focused on the topic of women to women horizontal violence.  This summer, Cristen Pascucci of Improving Birth wrote “Catty B****s”& Why we’re All Losing the Mommy Wars.  Kathi Valeii of Birth Anarchy […]

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  Have you ever sat in a class and not really heard a word the teacher said?  Have you ever had someone yell information at you and insinuate that you are not intelligent because you are not taking in the […]

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One of my favorite professors at Barnard was my Political Theory Professor, Professor Dennis Dalton.  HE WAS AMAZING!!!  He would teach in the first person, becoming Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Hitler, whomever he was teaching, to convey their thoughts and […]

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There has been a lot of upset in my daughter’s class this year.  It has caused me to contemplate homeschooling…yet again.  Her upsets start me worrying that the forces of institutional oppression are crushing her spirit.  I worry that aspects […]

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